Irritating egotist in produces-great-album shocker.

"As it has always been in music, sometimes to enjoy a record you really have to work hard to get past the phenomenal pretentiousness of the artist themselves (Bowie, anyone?). As someone who likes to try to understand what the artist is about outside of the music in order to understand the music itself, this poses a particular problem for me. Having not met Twin Shadow, aka George Lewis Jr. myself, my opinion of him is based entirely on what I have read, which is naturally flawed. But when the man comes out with such gems as “I considered death. I considered how important Twin Shadow is to the world. Does the world need Twin Shadow?” in a recent interview with Pitchfork – to which the answer was, of course, yes – one can’t help but feel that this is a man on one super ego trip which may or may not be justified. In the case of Confess, annoyingly, it is.”

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Originally published on UnderSong on 10/07/2012