London-based Aussies produce an album high on atmosphere but low on hooks.

"There are some albums that steal your heart in full on the first listen, knocking you sideways from the moment you press play and never leaving you. Then there are some that slowly creep into your affections with each passing listen, gradually permeating through skin and tissue and muscle til they become almost a part of you. Sadly, The Temper Trap’s much-hyped second offering fails to do either.

It’s a shame that the band that brought us effervescent, hook-laden indie hits such as ‘Sweet Disposition’ and ‘Fader’ fall so hard when it comes to the very thing that made us love them in the first place – simple melody. There’s not one track on this album that rivals either of those two for sheer catchiness. You would expect a band capable of such great songs to go away and produce an album full of similar ones, but that hasn’t happened here. Instead The Temper Trap have decided to try to take their sound in a new direction, and it hasn’t exactly paid off.”

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Originally published on UnderSong on 29/05/2012